I Fuck Up a Lot - Does This Make Me a Worse Professional?
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I Fuck Up a Lot - Does This Make Me a Worse Professional?

Nobody is perfect. It comes out we all make mistakes. Are we defined by them, or by the solutions we come up with to fix them?
I Fuck Up a Lot - Does This Make Me a Worse Professional?

As the title of this article says, I fuck up a lot. Every day I face the consequences of being impulsive, which leads me to making the wrong choices. Does this make me a worse professional?

Not at all. In fact, it’s pretty much the other way around.

I find the following proverb extremely fitting for this article:

“To err is human, to forgive, divine.”

What am I saying then, that I’m divine? If we understand the divine as something perfect, being aware of the consequences of every action you take, good or bad, and ensuring you use this information to make the right choice is the closest we can get to being perfect.

Leaving the wordy mind challenges aside, these conclusions come from the extreme self-punishment I inflict on myself. Sometimes this reaches the limits of what we can call normal.

These obsessive behaviors are what lead to constant fights with myself. Why am I so demanding with my performance? With saying the right thing at the right moment? Is something wrong with me?

And I never find an answer to these. Except for one little consolation phrase I tell myself. I’ll try not to do this again.

If you think about it, progression means understanding the path you need to follow to get something done. If all these thoughts give me the paths I shouldn’t follow, then I’m progressing, right?

For the most part, yes. I often think about how I used to be in the past and what mistakes I used to make, and let me tell you, most of my current mistakes are nothing compared to those. There has been a progression on the repercussions my mistakes have.

To get this wrapped up, yes, I fuck up a lot, and I’m proud of it. I’m far away from the person I was a month ago, and I’m never moving back thanks to this.

If you were to receive a piece of advice from this article, it would be the following:

Don't be afraid to fail, as this will teach you lessons that none of your victories will. Failing is human. We all do some more frequently than others, but this is not what describes us. Our ability to amend our errors and learn from them is what does.

So let’s not aspire to be divine. Accepting we are human and mastering the art of remedy is the healthiest goal we should all strive for.