Getting a Job in Games - The 7 Laws to Being an Attractive Candidate.
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Getting a Job in Games - The 7 Laws to Being an Attractive Candidate.

In this article, Bryce has put together a magnificent set of guidelines you need to follow to prove yourself useful to potential employers.
Getting a Job in Games - The 7 Laws to Being an Attractive Candidate.

01. Attract your Peers Attention.

During my time of being an artist and hiring them, I learned very early on that those who can keep community members hooked to their art can bring in work to the company and themselves.

Always find a way to keep the industry's eyes on you. The more you’re seen, the more opportunities will come your way.

02. Start Making Friends Within the Industry.

I and many others tend to hire those we like. If you’re not fostering healthy and collaborative relationships within the community, how do you expect to operate in a creative team environment?

When you care for others, and others care for you, good things tend to happen.

The relationships I’ve built in my time over the last 10 years have been some of the best and most meaningful friendships, and for that, I’m thankful, as I’ll always have people to go to in this world no matter where I’m located.

03. Don’t Look Desperate.

Desperation breeds repulsiveness. You must display confidence and vigor, as that makes you a more attractive work prospect to employers and peers.

I want to hire someone I can rely on, and that I believe in their abilities as much as they do. People start believing in you once you believe in yourself.

04. Always be Honest.

Never lie on your applications or about your abilities. The more dishonest you are, the harder the façade is to maintain.

Honesty is the best policy and if you don’t know something, say it. You might even learn or pick up new skills from doing so.

I also find people have more respect for those who live the truth.

05. Do your Research.

Always investigate your potential employers. See what styles they use for their games. Who are the key players in the organization, what are their stories?

The more you know about them, the more you can make sure you’re catering to their needs and better understand if they align with your values as an individual.

The most fulfilling work is work that you can relate to and find value in.

06. When Negotiating, Make Sure you Have Leverage.

When it comes to negotiating your wage or salary, you must first know your value proposition. What makes you stronger than all the other candidates, and why would a company be willing to pay more to bring you in?

Demonstrate your abilities and make the work that you do look effortless. The more you can show your value, the more power you will have when it comes to this stage of the process, allowing you to prove your counteroffers are worth it.

07. Don’t Settle for Less.

My grandfather used to tell me this phrase, and it still rings true to me to this day.

It’s better to lose in good company than to win in bad company. If the working environment is caustic and soul-crushing, you must get out of there. It will do you more harm than good.

Work with those who empower you and help you grow even if they aren’t a huge success. Ensure that you stick to the good path on your rise to the top.

- Written by Bryce, Edited by Javier Benitez.

I definitely learned something today. Collaborating with Bryce always brings me a lot of knowledge and a new perspective on new matters.

Thank you, Bryce, for another amazing article!